The Terms used in these Terms and Conditions mean:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – this document that defines the terms and conditions of use of Crew Poland – Polish Portal For Jobs At Sea. Upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the User, the Terms and Conditions form an agreement between the User and the Owner of the Crew Poland Portal on rendering electronic services.
OWNER – of Crew Poland Portal is Crew International Ltd., ul. Sudecka 11, 71-497 Szczecin, Poland, EU VAT ID PL8513183352, REGON (Statistics Identification Number) 361207879, entered into the Business Registry Number kept by the District Court of Szczecin, 13th Economy Division under the number KRS 0000551636.
USER – an entity that gained access to the services provided by the Owner of Crew Poland Portal on terms and conditions specified in this Document.
AGREEMENT – an agreement concluded by and between the User and the Owner of the Crew Poland Portal to acquire the right to use the Services provided by the Portal.
PORTAL – Crew Poland – Polish Portal For Jobs At Sea available on www.crewpoland.pl.
REGISTRATION – procedure of setting up an account.
ACCOUNT – maintained for the User by the Owner under a unique name that is a collection of resources where the User data and information about their activity related to the Portal are gathered.
SERVICE – activity related to providing digital content defined in the Terms and Conditions.
CONSUMER – as interpreted by the general legal regulations, a physical person that performs a legal action that is not directly related to their business or professional activity.
APPLICATION – a voluntarily filled form by the User that contains User´s data necessary to participate in recruitment undertaken by the Agencies/Companies logged on the Polish Portal For Jobs At Sea.
ACTIVE SUBSRIPTION – an access to all the services provided by the Portal.

General Provisions

1. Crew Poland – Polish Portal For Jobs At Sea is not a job center as interpreted in the Art. 18 of the Act of 20 April 2014 on promotion of employment and on labour market institutions (The Polish Journal of Law 2004 No. 99, Item. 1001) and is not an entity entered into a register of entities that perform such an activity as an employment agency in relation to Art. 18c, pos. 4, p. 4 of the Act on promotion of employment and on labour market institutions and the regulations of the Ministry of Economy and Labour of 13 October 2005 on entering into a register the subjects that manage employment agencies and on information submitted by employment agencies (The Polish Journal of Law 2005 no. 212, Item. 1770).

2. Crew Poland is not responsible for incorrect qualification of nature of its activities.

General Conditions of Use of Crew Poland Portal

1. The Portal may be used by natural persons aged 18 and over who have full legal capacity, by legal persons and unincorporated entities without the status of a legal person which may acquire rights and contract obligations for themselves.

2. Using the Portal is possible via a device with Internet connection, a program allowing viewing Internet content. An electronic mail (email) account is also necessary for logging into the Portal.

3. Paying for the use of the services offered by the Portal shall be tantamount to concluding an agreement for the provision of paid services between the User and the Owner of the Portal. This does not concern the access to job offers posted in the system which is free of charge.

4. During the registration process the User shall enter his/her email address and a password which will be used while using the Portal. A link activating the account will be sent to the email address of the User during the registration process.

5. By entering the agreement in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, the Customer, being a consumer, demands service activation immediately (in case of paid services immediately after paying for the order) which means that the service is activated prior to the lapse of the time limit set for withdrawing from the agreement. This is tantamount to the Customer forfeiting the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days from the date of its conclusion provided under Article 27 of the Consumer Rights Act of 30 May 2014. The Customer shall be informed of the loss of the right to withdraw from the agreement within the aforesaid time limit at the time of agreement conclusion.

6. By providing his/her email address, accepting the Terms and Conditions during the registration process and marking an appropriate field in the Portal the User consents to processing personnal data and receiving commercial information (Article 10 of the On-line Services Act of 18 July 2002).

7. Logging into the Portal, filling out the application and accepting the Terms and Conditions and the consent to personal data processing shall be tantamount to a representation of the User that the data entered in the Portal are true and have been provided voluntarily and that the User consents to the processing of the data and making them available to the Users-Recruiters and other authorized recruiting entities registered on the Crew Poland Portal.

8. Portal Users are hereby informed of a possibility to modify their data and to remove them from the Portal at any time.

9. The controller of the personal data provided to the Crew Poland Portal within the meaning of Article 24 of the Personal Data Protection Act is the Portal’s Owner, i.e. Crew International Ltd. with its registered office in Szczecin, ul. Sudecka 11.

10. Personal data shall be made available to Agencies, Ship Owners and other recruitment firms which co-operate with the Crew Poland Portal in their recruitment processes.

11. The liability of the Owner for:
a) the consequences of third parties obtaining the rights of the User to use the services of the Portal;
b) the content placed by the Users on the pages of the Portal;
c) the loss of data placed on the pages of the Portal;
d) the damage suffered by the User as a result of incorrect recording or reading information;
e) Portal’s unavailability for reasons not attributable to the User;
f) technical problems occurring while using the Portal, not attributable to the Owner, e.g. resulting from force majeure or incorrect functioning of the Internet;
g) a break preventing the use of the Portal due to the need to eliminate a breakdown, carry out maintenance or software testing procedures;
is hereby excluded to the extent permitted under the law, subject to Article 473 § 2 of the Civil Code. In consumer relations the liability of the Owner shall be limited to damage caused by deliberate fault.

12. The User may not place on the Portal content which is unlawful, breaches third party rights or the rules of decency.

13. The User may not give third parties access to his/her account.

14. The Owner shall have the right to stop making the Portal or its elements available to the User if the User:
a) has violated these Terms and Conditions;
b) has breached legal regulations, in particular, by publishing content violating third party rights;
c) has been acting to the detriment of the Owner or other Users, including giving access to his/her account to third parties.

15. The Owner shall have the right to amend the Terms and Conditions and make changes to the Portal itself. The Owner shall inform the Users of such changes by email sent to the electronic mail address given during the registration process.

16. The Owner may change the price-list of the services provided via the Portal. The Owner shall inform the Users of a change to the price-list by email sent to the electronic mail address, and by placing the new price-list on the Portal. A price change shall not apply to the services already purchased by the Users.

17. The Owner may organize promotions of the services provided via the Portal, offering services provision conditions other than the standard conditions. The rules of promotional campaigns shall be given in separate terms and conditions.

§ 4
Account Use Conditions for Candidate User

1. Logging to the Crew Poland Portal shall be free for Users seeking jobs with regard to account creation, filling the application and making it available to the Recruiters.

2. Logging into the Portal is possible after providing Name and Surname, entering the email address (login), password and account activation via link sent to the email address provided by the User.

3. The User is granted full access to all job offers posted in the system upon completion of registration process and to paid services offered by the Portal automatically upon payment made in the PayU system accepted by the Owner and available on the Portal, according to the price-list.

4. The paid service is promoting the application by the Candidate in system. This service in not compulsory and does not affect the terms of accessing and using other free services. Access to paid services is made available by purchasing certain number of Crew Points, the Crew Points are automatically granted after payment PayU system accepted by the Owner and available on the Portal.

5. Crew Points packages and associated prices are available in the price-list found in Appendix 1 of hearof Terms and Conditions.

6. A User – Candidate may promote his/her application by using Crew Points designed for promoting classified ads according to the rules set forth in the Terms and Conditions (Appendix No 1).

7. A User – Candidate may purchase additional Crew Points to promote his/her application.

8. Users who have filled their applications shall receive “Rating Stars”, between 0 and 6, describing the degree to which the application has been filled by the Candidate, which also provides Recruiters with information indicating whether a given application is complete, current and has been filled with care. The “Rating Stars” function is only an auxiliary tool for the Candidates and the Recruiters.Użytkownik.

9. The “Rating Stars” shall be awarded by the system automatically according to the following criteria:

Rating Stars
Adding User´s photo
Filling out mandary fields in application
Logging in in last 14 days
English proficiency level marked
Marking the experience box within the last 3 months
Having the certificates required in the post applied for


10. Accounts of Users – Candidates showing no User activity over a period of 12 months may be removed by the Portal Administrator.

11. The Portal Administrator shall inform the User two weeks in advance of the intention to remove the account.

Account Use Conditions for Agency/Company

1. In case of a Recruitment Agency registration with the Portal shall be possible after sending a scan of a license to operate a recruitment agency with the contact details of the person who is to have access to the Portal during the registration process. In case of Ship Owners and foreign Recruitment Agencies a scan of a valid MLC 2006 certificate or latest valid Company Registration Certificate with the contact details of the person who is to have access to the Portal shall be required.

2. In order to gain access to the Portal the Agency/Company shall register via the Portal’s website.

3. The Agency/Company Account is verified by the Administrator of the Portal. In case of a positive result of the verification, the account is activated. From now on the Agency/Company has access to all the services of the portal, which includes viewing Candidate’s applications and doing recruitment. The Agency/Company is informed about it in the email sent to the address indicated during the registration.

4. A User logging to the Portal as a Recruiter may place job offers and view the candidate applications data base under conditions negotiated between Agency/Company and Portal’s Owner.

5. For each Ship Owner/Firm the Portal shall prepare an individual offer of co-operation.

6. Together with purchasing access to an account the Agency/Companyshall receive certain number of Crew Points for highlighting/assigning priorities to its job offers

7. Agency/Company may purchase additional Crew Points for highlighting/assigning priorities to their job offers..

8. Agency/Company may highlight their job offers using the Crew Points depending on the offer’s priority, according to the rules laid down in the Terms and Conditions.

9. After purchasing access to the services offered by the Portal, Agency/Company shall be given access to a tool allowing them to conduct and manage the recruitment processes.

§ 6
Terms and Conditions for Highlighting Job Offers

1. Job offers may be highlighted by using paid additional services called Crew Points for highlighting prioritised ads.

2. The job offer promotion service consists in:
a) highlighting the Offer with a colour appropriate for the type of the offer, in accordance with the description in Appendix No. 1 to these Terms and Conditions;
b) placing the Offer at the top of the list of search results of job offers published on the Portal, in the selected highlighted offers section on the “All Job Offers” page;
c) highlighting the Offer on the main page of the Portal.

3. Job offers shall be highlighted according to the following hierarchy/order:
a) ASAP offer;
b) Urgent offer;
c) Top offer.

4. Highlighting an Offer by a different colour in the list of job offers search results means that the Offer is presented with a stripe in a colour corresponding to the selected highlight in the section in which offers in a given category are presented.

5. Placing an Offer at the top of the list of job offers search results on the Portal consists in placing the Offer as the latest job offer added in a given category.

6. Highlighting an Offer on the main page of the Portal consists in placing the Offer on the main page of the Portal. Offers are chosen by way of automatic draws performed whenever the page is refreshed. Each Offer may be drawn many times, but priority shall go to Offers drawn the lowest number of times to-date.

§ 7
Crew Poland Transfer Service

1. Crew International Ltd. offers transportation agency service to the User who is a natural person, legal entity or organizational unit with no legal personality which is given legal capacity under the act of law, placing an order on his/her behalf or his/her and passengers´ behalf.

2. The User may order the service by means of:
a) Online form found on Portal: www.crewpoland.pl in Crew Poland Transfer tab;
b) By calling: +48 668 626 206 or +48 883 633 395;
c) Email: transfer@crewpoland.pl.

3. Terms and Conditions as well as details of service are available in Terms and Conditions of Get Ride, the trasportation partner of Crew International Ltd.

Get Ride Terms and Conditions to download in pdf.

§ 8
Cancellation Terms and Conditions

1. The services purchase agreement shall be dissolved upon the expiry of its term.

2. The user may cancel to use Portal´s services at any time.

§ 9

1. All content presented at www.crewpoland.pl service is a property of the Owner or is used under permission given by the persons or entinties holding full rights to it.

2.All content presented at  www.crewpoland.pl is protected by copyright according to act dated at 4th of February 1994 on copyrights and rights associated as well as other commonly recognized acts both national and international.

3. Crew International Ltd. allows the users to use www.crewpoland.pl portal according to its purpose stated in hereby Terms and Conditions of Crew Poland – Polish Portal for Jobs at Sea.

4. Any changes, copying, multiplyig of solutions and tools, transfer, distribution, presentation and other improper purposes are forbidden and may be base for legal trial against anyone committing such acts.

§ 10

1. Any and all complaints, queries, information about errors shall be sent electronically to the Service Administrator at: support@crewpoland.pl

2. A complaint regarding the services offered by the Portal may be filed electronically by sending it to: support@crewpoland.pl or in writing to the address of the Portal’s Owner.

3. A complaint with a full description of the problem, containing the e-mail address of the person filing it shall be considered within 14 days from the date of its receipt.

4. A replay to the complaint shall be sent to the e-mail address given by the complainant, to which the complainant hereby consents.

§ 11
Final Provisions

1. The Owner shall have the right to terminate the activity of the Portal at any time upon a three months’ notice sent to the Users to their e-mail addresses. Termination of the Portal’s activity may not take place prior to the completion of the last paid service. During the notice period orders for new services shall not be accepted.

2. In matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions provisions of Polish law shall apply.

3. All legal relationships resulting from these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Polish law.

4. Any and all disputes shall be resolved by competent Polish common courts of law. In relationships with entities who are not consumers the competent Court shall be the court with jurisdiction over the registered office of the Owner.


Appendix No.1 Price list of services on Crew Poland portal

Crew Points Package

Price in EUR

Price 1 CP in EURO

You save

10 Crew Points

2,50 €

0,25 €

0,00 €

20 Crew Points

4,50 €

0,23 €

0,50 €

30 Crew Points

6,38 €

0,21 €

1,12 €

50 Crew Points

10,00 €

0,20 €

2,50 €

100 Crew Points

18,75 €

0,19 €

3,25 €

200 Crew Points

35,00 €

0,18 €

15,00 €

300 Crew Points

48,75 €

0,16 €

26,25 €

400 Crew Points

60,00 €

0,15 €

40 €

500 Crew Points

68,75 €

0,14 €

56,25 €

1000 Crew Points

125,00 €

0,13 €

125,00 €

3000 Crew Points

337,50 €

0,11 €

412,50 €

Other services:

Number of Crew Points

Price in EUR



0,00 €

Setting up an account


0,00 €

Filling out an application and access to job offers posted in the system

10 Crew Points

2,50 €

Featuring Candidate´s application for 10 days


Packages for Crew Poland services will be sent to Agency/Company via email.

Featuring Agency´s/Company´s job offer

Type of offer

Highlight colour


CP value

ASAP red


20 Crew Points

URGENT orange


15 Crew Points



10 Crew Points

STANDARD no colour


5 Crew Points


Last update 24th April 2016