WHY Crew Poland?

We believe that we are creating innovatory job board for seafarers and all workers from marine sector, we are building a strong maritime community, we support and assist, we train and look after your safe way to work and return home.

Despite the fact that work at sea is a multinational community, we give the possibility to Polish Seafarers to have their own job board where they can quickly and efficiently find a job,
and all Companies, that are interested in Polish marine personnel, can simply and effectively find a suitable candidate.

We believe that working at sea requires reliable and trustworthy support on the other side of the ocean. We are close to the problems of the Seafarers and it is important for us to spend every trip as a happy period.

We train Seafarers to help with problems that affect all Boss/Master/Officer. We provide the knowledge and skills that make each trip much better, less stressful and brings benefits to all parties concerned.

We are fully aware how stressful can be preparation for the journey to the ship. We believe that our concern for safe, punctual and comfortable journey of all our customers, will relief all the pre-journey’s tension and make feel everybody special on their way to work.

We believe in people, continuous development and fair play cooperation. Do you have the same? We are always there for you; crewpoland.pl